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Dvora Pitheau, a creative teacher in the Bay Area has been an incredible and creative first grade teacher at Berkeley Arts Magnet Elementary in the Berkeley Unified School District. She also is an early intervention teacher at the school.


"I love to stage plays and readers theater with my students. It's a great way to respond to a story that we have been reading."


Dvora is a big fan of the plastic "ready-to-go" hats and masks that she finds at Michaels and other craft stores for under five dollars each. Dvora has a costume box full of hats, masks, costumes and accessories for last- minute readers theater productions.


"Each time I go back and check there seems to be more of these great masks. I buy them and save them in my costumes box because they last for years."


The last time she checked at Michael's, she bought a dinosaur, a chicken, a wolf, a spider, a fox, a shark and an alligator. "It's fun to see what new hat/masks they are able to come up with. They are reasonable and fun and the kids love to pop them on their head and become an animal for a play."


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